Sarra Ben Saïd

Executive director

Sarra Ben Saïd has been involved in the Tunisian civil society for more than 10 years amongst other thing as a volunteer and animator with the Tunisian Red Crescent, and as a trainer for various initiatives and organizations such as the UN Volunteer (UNV) Programme, the Climate Change and Gender program of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the Association tunisienne contre le VIH (ATL Tunis) for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Sarra Ben Saïd then decided to join a group of young men and women in the promotion of women’s participation in politics while fighting against gender discrimination of all sorts. Sarra became a founding member of Aswat Nissa. Sarra was the director of Women’s Engagement for the 2011 and 2014 elections before becoming Executive Director of the organization. She led an advocacy campaign on the issues of violence perpetrated against women, targeting especially men and religious leaders. She took part of multiple workshops given by CSOs, training and conferences in the MENA region and in Europe – including the 2016 training organized by the Swedish organization Kvinna till Kvinna “Program and Result Based Management” in Jordan and the 2014 workshop on the Prevention and Response to Gender-Based Violence, the 2013 Frederich Ebert Foundation workshop on sexual harassment, the 2011 Arab Youth Volunteering Conference, and the 2011 Seminar on “Alternative Forms of Political Engagement : Possibilities and Limits” in Berlin and Hamburg. Sarra Ben Saïd holds a Professional Master in Geohazards for the Science Faculty of l’Université de Tunis – El Manar. Sarra a participé à des ateliers menés par la société civile, des séminaires de formation et des conférences dans la région MENA et en Europe. Ceux-ci incluent la formation "Program and result based management" organisée par la Fondation suédoise "Kvinna till Kvinna" en Jordanie en 2016, l'atelier "Lutte contre la violence sexiste" avec l'Institut suédois à Stockholm en 2014, un atelier sur "l’harcèlement sexuel" avec la Fondation Friedrich Ebert en 2013, la Conférence des jeunes volontaires arabes en 2011, et dans un séminaire sur «Formes alternatives d'engagement politique: Possibilités et limites à Berlin et Hambourg en 2011. Sarra Ben Saïd est diplômée d’un master professionnel en géorisques de la Faculté des sciences de Tunis de l’Université de Tunis — El Manar.