Fida Saidani

Administration and Finance Manager

Prior to her work with Aswat Nissa, Fida has worked for many years to support rural women in their daily lives. Fida has been involved in the Women on the Frontline project (OXFAM Novib) – which aimed to foster rural women’s participation in political instances –, and also worked in close collaboration with the Ministry of Women in a survey on the condition of rural women and their access to public services. Fida organized multiple workshops on the issues related to gender with the Association du droit à la différence and Aswat Nissa. Following a UN training on Gender and Communication, she contributed to the creation of a database on violence perpetrated against women for Association des Femmes Démocrates. Fida holds a degree in Finance and a Master in Human Resources Engineering from Institut Supérieure de Comptabilité et d’Administration des Entreprises de Tunis.